Does my Hunting Lodge or Club really need General Liability Insurance?

Yes , Absolutely! Many unknown instances can occur which result in a claim. My business experienced this first hand and thanks to Coastal Plains Outdoors my operation had the correct insurance in place. What occurred was devastating.

Two clients were hunting wild hogs from stationary tree stands. Rules of the hunt were ‘explicitly’ explained as are to every hunting client we serve. On this particular day the two hunters hunt was nearing completion as the afternoon darkness began to set in. One of the hunters heard something move in the woods fairly close. As the sound became closer the hunter saw a wild hog. The hunter shot and saw the game fall. When he walked up to the game only then did he realize he had just accidentally shot his best friend. The injured hunter , close to death , was airlifted and miraculously survived but suffered permanent disability.

Again, thanks to Coastal Plains Outdoors’ expertise in explaining all of my coverage , my operation was properly covered…my insurance company paid over $700k.

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